71st Armored Field Artillery Battalion WWII

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WWII Members List

Members of  The 71st Armored F A Battalion    5th Armored Division

* This list was derived from an official 15 page printed paper pamphlet (Title above) that my father kept with his group picture. It had no date. I had the impression that it was of the same time peroid as the group pictures (Early '44), but upon further discussions with  former 71st members and research, I now believe that it dates very close to the end of hostilities or soon after.  Former Captain Everett Wilcox told me that the company clerk, T4 James J. Kelly was given the task of composing the list, but couldn't remember the timing.        G.Beckley (3-21-2010)   

                                                               * Click here for a Roster of HQ Battery with rank, dated 8 Mar 45,  contributed by Capt. Everett Wilcox via Carol Wilcox, niece.The serial numbers are blacked out. If someone needs one of them, contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    


ATKINSON, Alfred  O.                                 Umatilla, Fla.

BARRY, Donald  R.                                       Solvay, N. Y.

BEAUPRE, Rene  J.                                       Caribou, Maine.

BICKEL,  Vern  T.                                           Lamar, Missouri

BLACKBURN, William W.                             Miami, Fla.

CASE, Rex  R.                                                Waterville, Kan.

CROWELL,  Albert  W.                                 Forest City, N. C.

DAVIES,  Alan  A.                                          Portland, Ore.

FLOYD,  Spencer                                          Chicago, Ill.

FRANCIES, Merritt  D.                                 Wenatchee, Wash.

FRASER,  Alexander  D.                                 Mass.

FREDERICKSON, Lynn  C.                             Fargo, N. D.    

Hall, George  L.                                            Columbus, Miss.

HAUENSCHILD, Stanley  W.                         Cincinnati, Ohio    *Note: On Officers list by virture of battlefield promotion.

HARRISON, DeSales  Jr.                                Atlanta, Ga.

HENRY, William W.                                      Brooklyn, N. Y.

HENTSCHELL, William L.                               Manistique, Mich.

HOUSE, Elmer  S.                                          St. Louis, Mo.

KULHANEK, Bernard  J.                                Waller, Texas .

LaFANS, Walter  S.                                        Minneapolis, Minn.

MARTIN, Wlliam S.                                       Golden, Colo.

McCRATE, John W.                                       Columbus Grove, Ohio  .

McNEES, Norman E.                                     Orleans,  Nebr.

McWain, Paul H.                                           Detroit, Mich.

Myers, Johannie W. R. Jr.                            Paris, Texas.

NAGLEY,  Lester  C. Jr.                                 Indianapolis, Ind.

NICOL,  Robert  L.                                         Mercerville, N. J.

PAGE.  Robert  L.                                          Lafayette, Ind.   

RAVELING, Lloyd  H.                                     Hq Camp Baltimore, AAC, APO 752, U. S. Army  

ROUECHE, John  R.                                        Birmingham, Ala.

ROWLANDS, Richard  A.                              Casper, Wyoming   

SARGENT, Rudolph  M.                                Middlebury, Vermont

SCHOEN,  Armund  J.                                    Chicago, Ill.

SMITH, Herman  R. Jr.                                   Phoenix. Ariz.

SMITHERS, Robert  M.                                  Winter Haven, Fla.

SORENSON, Neil  J.                                       Princeton, Missouri

STEWART, Montgomery B. Jr.                    Oklahoma  City, Okla.

STINE, Jack  W.                                              Bristow, Okla.

STROUP, Robert  S.                                      Watertown, N. Y.

TIPTON, Guy  J.                                             Manly, Iowa

TODD, William L.                                          East Williston, N. Y.

WASHBURN,  Israel  B.                               Goodland, Ind.

WEEMS, John  L.                                          Osyka, Miss.   

WILCOX, Everett  H.                                    Clearwater, Fla. 



Headquarters and Headquarters Battery

ABRAMSKI, Walter J.                                   Richfield Springs, N. Y.      *Note: Capt. Wilcox has stated that Walter Abramski was never in the 71st. He is listed on the WWII Memorial Registry as being in the 58th Armored Field Arty.

AINSLEY, James R.                                        Dunbar, Pa.

ANDREW, Walter J.                                      Arkansas City, Kan.

BAIZE, Donald C.                                           Linton, Ind.

BARBERA. Phillip C.                                      Bronx, N. Y.

BASS, Charlie B.                                            Selma, N. C.  

BAUMANN, William                                    Wilmington, Del.

BECKLEY, William J.                                     Atlantic City, N. J.

BELEC, Charles P.                                         Library, Pa.

BELLEW, Herman C.                                    Santa Paula, Calif.

BELLMAN, Alfred D.                                     Hollywood, Calif.

BENNETT, Lawrence D.                                Inglewood, Calif.

BERNS. John W. 5                                         Peabody, Kan.

BLEAU, Charles E.                                          Marquette, Mich.

BOLINGER, Voine E.                                      Mt. Airy, Md.

BOOKER, Moody                                           Glen Rose, Tex.

BREEN, Robert M.                                         Port Byron, N. Y.

BROWN, Glenn E.                                          Newton, N. C.

BUCCI, Fred R.                                                Pittsburgh, Pa.

BULLARD, Walter F.                                     Tampa, Fla.

CERUTI, Stephen A.                                      Cleveland, Ohio

CHURCH, Fred D.                                          Alma, Mich.

COUREY, George                                           Cleveland, Ohio

CRACRAFT, Willard R.                                  Bloomingtown, Ind.

DABEK, Stephen W.                                     Buffalo, N.Y.

DEACON, John S.                                          Buffalo, N. Y.

DEBUS, Warren J.                                         Wauwatosa, Wis.

DELAP, Robert L.                                          Kansas, Ill.

DICKY, Michael .                                        Tonawanda, N. Y.

DOUGLAS, Elmer A.                                     Owensboro, Ky.

DOWDY, Louis E.                                          Malden, Mo.

DRILLER, Louis                                               Bronx, N. Y.

DUMAS, Robert G.                                       Forestville, Conn.

EARP, Charles D. Jr.                                      Boomer, N. C.

ESSARY, William G.                                       Hando, Tex.

FALSEY, James M.                                        Chicago, Ill.

FERGUSON, William D.                                Yonkers, N. Y.   

FORTUNA, Patsy C.                                       Rochester, N. Y.

FOTTA, William F.                                         Masontown, Pa.

FREEMAN. Harold M.                                 Corning, N. Y.

FRIEBUS, Erich                                              Bellwood, Ill.

GORE, London L.                                           Ash, N. C.

GRIFFITH, J. D.                                               Simpsonville, S. C.

GUREVITZ, Joseph A.                                   Whiting, Ind.

HANKNER, Owen E.                                     Tripoli, Iowa

HARRALSON, Willie E.                                 Aldrich., Mo. 

HAUENSCHILD, Stanley W.                         Cincinnati, Ohio    *Note: On both officer list above & HQ Battery list because, as noted above, (battlefield promotion)

HENDERSON, Ralph                                     Marion, N. C.

HEIM, George J.                                            Baltimore, Md. 

HENRY, Carl G.                                               Denver, Col.

HINES, Roger M.                                            Oklahoma City, Okla..

HINES, William K.                                          Oklahoma City, Okla.

HOLDER, James R.                                         Louisviille, Miss.

HOPKINS, Earl H.                                           McAlester, Okla.

HUTCHESON, Willard                                   Savannah, Ga.

JERNIGAN, Robert N.                                    Winchester, Tenn.

JOHNSON, Charles L.                                     Baldwinsville, N. Y.

JOHNSON, Lavern R.                                      Los Angeles, Calif.

JONIEC, Walter F.                                           Chicago, Ill.

KARLOVSKY, Milton J.                                   Berwyn, Ill.

KELLY, James J.                                               New York City, N. Y.

KIRKHART, Charles T.                                   St. Louis, Mo.

KORNEFF, Richard D.                                    Burlington, N. J.

KUDZINSKI, Mike J.                                       Lyndora, Pa.

LABUHN, Harold A.                                       Port Huron, Mich.

LA FROMBOISE, Kenneth                            Milwaukee, Wis.

LANHAM, Amos M.                                      Hardage, Mo.

LANTZ, Richard H.                                         Pittsburgh, Pa.

LEITTEN, Arthur H.                                        Syracuse, N. Y.

LOOMIS, Hugh J.                                           Chicago, lll.

LOVELESS, Roland R.                                    Washington, D. C. 

MAHONEY, Walter H.                                  Uniontown, Pa.   

MARTIN, Cecil M.                                         Tompkinsville, Ky.

McCORD, Willard L.                                      Houston, Texas  

McGLAMERY, Carl  C.                                   Millers Creek, N.C.

MCNAIR, Marion D.                                      Hearne, Texas

MEEKER, Leslie D.                                          Mesa, Ariz.

MIHALCIN, John E.                                        Munhall, Pa. V .

MOMO, Lynn R.                                             Elmira, N. Y.   

MURDAUGH, Millage B.                               Ruffin. S. C.

NEAL, Holland H.                                           McCarley, Miss.

O'HAGAN, John T.                                         Bronx, N. Y.

PYTLAK, Alexander F.                                   Buffalo, N. Y.

RAMIREZ, llario                                             Maricopa, Ariz.

RUBEL, Charles E.                                         Pittsburgh, Pa.

SCHEIDEGGER, Walter A.                            Kirkwood, Mo.

SCUDDER, Gerald W.                                   Oneonta, N. Y.

SIMONE, Martin                                            Steubenville, Ohio

SLOOP, Carl G.                                               Gaffney, S. C.

SMITH, Lewis A, Jr.                                       Kenova, W. Va.

SMITH, Samuel P.                                         Greenwood, Miss.

SMITH, Walter                                              Thacker, W. Va.

STINGER, William S.                                     Oelwein, Iowa.

STRICKLAND, Weldon R.                              Spring Hope, N. C.

STURM, Charles                                            Bogota, N. J.

SZOSTAK, Edward J.                                     Buffalo, N. Y.

TEGTMEYER, Robert W.                              Fort Wayne, Ind.

TISOR, Dean L.                                              Columbus City, Iowa

TROIA, Norman                                           Weirton, W. Va.  

TURNER, Edgar F. Jr.                                    Columbus, S. C.  

WALTERS, Carlyle J.                                      Superior, Wyo.

WARK, Dale G.                                              Adair, Iowa

WEAVER, Ellsworth                                      Oil City, Pa.

WEEKS, Wallace W.                                      Alice, Texas

WERNING, Elwood H.                                  Newhall, Iowa.

WICK, Edmund L.                                          Buffalo, N. Y.

WILKS, Valdor F.                                           Henagar, Ala.

WILSON, Arnold                                            Blackey, Ky.

WISNOWER, Solly E.                                     Rochester, N. Y.

WOOD, James W.                                         Ottumwa, Iowa.

ZIELINSKI, Walter E.                                     Chicago, lll.


A Battery

ADAMS, Albert A.                                         Thompson, Pa.

ADAMS, Gordon L.                                       Ga.     

ARGO, William                                               Trezevant, Tenn.

BELCHER, George W. Jr.                               Cabin Creek, W. Va.

BELSKY, Morris                                              St. Louis, Mo.

BIRMINGHAM, John C. Jr.                           Beverly, Mass.

BISHOP, Cecil G.                                            Erin, Tenn.

 BOLAND, Daniel P.                                       Niagara Falls, N. Y.

 BRADLEY, Merle A.                                       Gaffney, S. C.

BRIDGMAN, Joe                                             Millen, Ga.

BRIONES, Jesus                                              San Diego, Texas .

BURKE, Homer W.                                         Gladeville, Tenn. 

BURRILL, James D.                                         Battle Creek, Mich.

BYRON, Jacob J.                                             Scranton, Pa.

CAFIERO, Anthony G.                                    Jamaica,  N. Y.

CHAMBERS, James A. Jr.                              Ardmore, Okla.

CHAVOUS, George C.                                    Hephzibah, Ga.

CLAYDON, Thomas C.                                   New Rochelle, N. Y.

CONKRIGHT, Chester  L.                               Crawfordsville, Ind.

CRAWFORD, James B. Sr.                             Baton Rouge, La.

DAILEY, George E.                                         Parishville, N. Y.

DAVENPQRT, Marshall C.                            Huntington Park, Calif.

DEAN, Garland J. B.                                      Houston, Texas

DELFINI,  Furio  D.                                         New York City, N. Y.

DEMLOW, Clarence H.                                 Antigo, Wis.

DUSKA, Mike                                                  Joliet, Ill.

ELLIS, Charles M.                                            Ponca City, Okla.

EVANS, Mark H. Jr.                                         Mascot, Tenn.

EVARTS, Edson B.                                          Newark, N. J.

EVERHART, Hubert H.                                   Knoxville, Tenn.

FLEAGLE, George H.                                      Thurmont, Md.

FLEMING, Bud                                                Picayune, Miss.

FOLEY, Chet R.                                                Detroit, Mich.

FOSTER, Howard C.                                        Westbourne, Tenn.

GARGIS, Columbus H.                                   Town Creek, Ala.

GARRISON, Cleveland E.                               Dallas, N. C.

GASCA, Paul C.                                                Los Angeles, Calif.

GEORGE, Kellie J. D.                                       Bessemer, Ala.

GODFREY, Lott L.                                          Van Alstyne, Texas

GRANADO, Juan                                            San Diego, Texas

GUTHRIE, James W.                                      Wauchula, Fla.

HARDIN, Jerry C.                                            Parkin, Ark.

HEATH, Floyd L.                                              Ithaca, N. Y.

HELDERLE, Frank                                           St. Louis, Mo.

HERSHKOWITZ, Lavi                                     Brooklyn, N. Y

HOLLAND, Ernest W.                                   Winston-Salem, N. C.

HOVIS, William B.                                        Rock Hill, S. C.

HUDSON, Joseph P.                                      Arabi,  Ga.

HUTCHENS, Alfred                                       San Bernardino, Calif.

JO HNSON, Clifford C.                                  Sheridan, Wyoming

JONES, Jay D.                                                Moshiem, Tenn.

 JONES, L. N.                                                 Moshiem, Tenn.

JULIAN, James  A.                                        Loudon, Tenn.           

JULIEN, Eran H.                                             Delphi, Ind.

JURGENS, Stanley  J.                                    Chicago, Ill.

LAWRENCE, William A.                               Osceola, Ark.   

LEWIS, Harry L.                                              Ellinwood, Kan.  

LIEBERMAN, William J. Jr.                           Nazareth, Pa.

LUDDINGTON, Leo S.                                   Creston, Iowa

LUKER, Stanley B                                           Browns Mills, N. J.

LENZNER, Robert R.                                      Birnamwood, Wis.

MALUZHINSKY, Alex                                     Detroit, Mich.

MARANGELLO, Dominick  P.                       Northvale, N. J.

MARTINEZ, Arthur M.                                  Litchfield Park, Ariz.

MASON, Wilton E.                                        Conner, Fla.

McCREARY, John                                          Werthville Ky.

MECK, John W.                                             Alburtis, Pa.

MORRISON, Clarence N.                             Kerrville, Texas

NANEY, Frank L.                                            Pocahontas, Ark.

NANNY, Robert R.                                        Redfield. Ark.

PERSIKINI, Patrick A.                                    Rochester, N. Y.

PETERSON, Arnold J.                                   Palo Alto, Calif.

PINSON, William T. Jr.                                Rermlap, Ala.

POPE, Qunnie H.                                          Millen, Ga.

POPE, Remer L.                                             Millen, Ga.

PRICE, Vergene B.                                        San Bernardino, Calif.

PURVINES, Lawrence V.                              Springfield, Ill.

RABON, Sem I.                                              Loris, S. C.

RAYMOND, Charles E.                                 Harriman, Tenn.

RENDON, Roman F. Jr.                                Rossville, Texas

RODWELL, John M.                                      Macon, N. C.

ROSE, Loy R.                                                  Pyatt, Ark.

SANDERS, Cleveland                                   Rock Island, Tenn.

SANDERS, Melvin R.                                    Kosoma, Okla.

SHORT, James Jr.                                          Pittsburgh, Pa.

SIMOTES, Tony                                             Joliet, Ill.

SLAFF, Charles A.                                          Beaumont, Calif.

SMITH, David L.                                            Tigerville, S. C.

SPITTLER, Charles E.                                     Stockton, Ill.

STALLINGS, Floyd                                          Long Beach, Calif.

STROEHMER, Rudolf                                    San Marcos, Texas

STUDEMEYER, Joseph R.                             Charleston, S. C.

SZAFRAN, Michael S.                                    Buffalo, N. Y.

TRAMMELL, Roy J.                                         Memphis, Texas

TREVINO, Juan                                                Poth, Texas .

TURNER, Nathaniel E.                                   Lucama, N. C.

WALDON, Charles                                         Nashville, Tenn.

WALDSCHMIDT, Ray V.                                 Le Mars, Iowa

WALKER, Freeland Jr.                                    Walters, Okla.

WEISBERG, Charles E.                                   Philadelphia, Pa.

WELLS, Frank F.                                             Cressey, Calif.

WELSH, John P.                                             Uniontown, Pa.

WILLIAMS, Arthur J.                                     Chester, S. C.   

WILLIAMS, Joseph J.                                     Dewitt, Ark.

WINGATE, Robert B.                                     Lincoln Park, Mich.

WISMAN, Claude M.                                     Rock Creek, Minn.

WOODS, John C.                                            Foreman, Ark.

WRIGHT, Rufus D.                                         Lewisburg, Tenn.

YATES, George W.                                         Godfrey, Ill.

YELTON, Lawrence                                        Johnson City, Tenn.

ZAJACKOWSKI, Adam G.                              Birnamwood, Wis. 


B Battery

ALBERT, Lawrence J.                                    Bronx, N. Y.

ALLEN, Charles K.                                          Elba, N.. Y.

ALTMAN, Detree                                           Mullins, S. C.

AMOS, William H.                                         Uniontown, Pa.

ARTHUR, Jesse J.                                           Conneatville, Pa.

BAIN, Bob R.                                                  Tiff City, Mo.

BARRIOS, Henry                                            New Orleans, La.

BEITZELL, Richard E.                                     Mt. Rainier, Md.

BELLEW, Homer L.                                        Oglethorpe, Ga.

BLACK, Virgil M.                                             Seattle, Wash.

BLAKE, Raymond A.                                      Sheboygan, Wis.

BRIGHTON, Everett W.                                Bellingham, Wash.

BURCH, Edward L.                                        Poyneville. Ky.

CARNEY, Bernard, J.                                     Brooklyn, N. Y.

CATLIN, John                                                 Sheboygan, Wis.

CHURCH, Clifford E.                                      Johnson City, Tenn.

CLARK, Robert E.                                           Corpus Christi, Tex.

CLAYTON, Frank                                            Rocky Ford. Ga.

CLELLAND, Hugh                                           Pawtucket, R. I.

CORN, Ellard M.                                           Weaversville, N. C.

COULON, Dennum                                       Milwaukee, Wis.

CRAIG, William A.                                         Villa Rica, Ga.

CURLESS, Lester D.                                        Peoria, Ill.

DANIELS, Woodrow                                      Lamsburg. Va.

DETWILLER, Raymond L.                               Millersville, Pa.

DODGE, John F.                                              Lockport, N. Y.

EPPINGER, Norman R.                                   Oshkosk, Wis.

EVANS, James A.                                             Dayton, Ohio

FRIEND, Bernard E.                                         Phoenix. Ariz.

FLETCHER, Maurice J.                                     Winchester, Va.

FRINT, Owen W.                                              Rockford, Ill.

GAIDELIS, Justin                                              Chicago, Ill.

GAMMA, Victor P.                                          Philadelphia, Pa.

GARRETT, Ray M.                                           Los Angeles, Calif.

GAUNA, Rebulo                                              Kerrville, Texas

HAILEY, James D.                                            Niagara Falls, N. Y.

HALL, Lawrence                                              St. Louis, NIO.

HAMILTON, Eugene R.                                  Rockford, Ill.

HARDTEN, Fred                                              Claflin, Kansas

HARVEY, Lawrence M.                                  Baltimore, Md.

HASKINS, Joe                                                   Trenton. N. C.

HAWKINS, Qid L.                                           Hayes, N. C.

HIGGINS, Victor J.                                         Bell Gardens, Calif.

HILLAS, Richard T.                                         Bogota, N. J.

HOBBS, Newell B.                                          McMinrisville, Tenn.

HODGE, Hix                                                    Rutherfordton, N. C.

JEANES, John H. Sr.                                       Houston, Texas

JULIAN, Hugo                                                 Milford, Mass.

KAMIEN, Theodore T.                                   Philadelphia, Pa.

KEEVER, John G. Jr.                                       Granite Falls, N. C.

KELLY, Joseph F.                                             Davenport, Iowa

KEMP, Elvin W.                                               Hannibbal, N. Y.

KENNEDY, Lawrence E.                                 Amory, Miss.

LEWKA, Mike                                                  Iselin, N. J.  

LOMBRANIA, Francisco                                 Rockspring, Texas

LUCYK, Walter                                                Jersey City, N. J.

MAGEE, Landis L.                                           Swampers, La.

MANGRUM, Dalton J.                                   Franklin, Tenn.

MANN, Hebert L.                                           Montgomery, Ala.

MATTHEWS, Donald R.                                 San Jose, Calif.

MCCLAIN, Jessie A.                                        Spur, Texas

McCELLION, Clarence L.                               Williamstown, S. C.

McGHEE, Charles M.                                     Knoxville, Tenn.

MEAD, Frank L.                                              Spencer, N. J.

MICALIZZO, Benedetto J.                             New York, N. Y.

MODUGNO, Gennaro                                   Bronx, N. Y.

MOJICA, Jim A                                                San Antonio, Texas

MONTOYA, Brijido D.                                   Cucamonga, Calif.

MYLERTZ, Roy                                                Chicago, Ill.

NEUBAUER, Leonard C.                                New Prague, Minn.

NYEKI, Joe Jr.                                                  Springfield, La.

O'BRIEN, George T.                                       Hamsburg, Pa.

PEEBLES, Otis G.                                            Augusta, Ga.

PENNINGTON, Charles J.                             Belle Glade, Fla.

PIMENTEL, Rudolph J.                                  Cucamonga, Calif.

PIWONI, John D.                                            Thrope, Wis.

PLUMHOFF, William l.                                  Baltimore, Md.

PODOLAK, John                                             Summit, Ill.

POOLE, Lloyd J.                                             New Sharon, Iowa

PUCKETT, Louis F.                                        Dothan, Ala.

REGAN, Joseph T.                                        Scranton, Pa.

ROBINSON, Joseph                                      Newark, N. J.

RODA, David                                                 Philadelphia, Pa.

RODWELL, Thomas D.                                Macon, N. C.

ROMERO, Jose Pedro A.                             San Benito, Texas

ROWLAND, James W.                                  Booneville, Miss.

SANDERS, Dean L.                                        Indianapolis, Ind.

SCHULTZ, Benny F.                                       Chicago, Ill. 

SCHUSTER, Arthur F.                                    Factoryville, Pa.

SCHWINGHAMER, Othmar A.                    Huntingburg, Ind.

SCOTT, George                                              Weleetka, Okla.

SINGLETON, Kirby                                        La Grange, N. C.

SNEAD, Darnold H.                                       Rome, Ga.

SPARROW, Thruman A.                               Carrboro, N. C.

STOKVES, Willard H.                                     Bishopville, S. C.

SUSBAUER, Lester S.                                     Forest Grove, Ore.

SZYMAREK, Norbert                                     Milwaukee, Wis.

TAYLOR, William J.                                       Washington. D. C.

TTNSLEY, William C.                                     Shreveport, La.

TOWLE, Robert F.                                         Teaneck, N. J.

TURNER, Clifford C.                                      Augusta, Kansas

VAN CAESSELE, Edward L.                           Shortville, N. Y.

VANDEN BOS, Earl J.                                    Bellflower, Calif.

VAUGHN, Lyle J.                                           Red Bank, N. J.

VICK, William H.                                          Chicago, Ill.

WARD, Albert P.                                          Marked Tree, Ark.

WARD, Henry T.                                           Kalamazoo, Mich.

WICKS, James E.                                           Syracuse, Miss.

WHITE, Troy H.                                            Booneville, Miss.

WILLIAMS, Leonard P.                                Pleasantville, Tenn.

WINCEY, Charles W. Jr.                              Greenwood, S. C.

YOUNG, Herbert R.                                     Simpsonville, S. C.

ZUMWALT, Sammie J.                                  Alamo, Texas


C Battery

AKINS, Isaac W.                                            Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

ALEXANDER, Alfred L.                                  St. Columbus, Ga.

AMANT, Jake J.                                              St. Louis, Mo.

BAILEY, Charles H.                                         Tennessee City, Tenn.

BAKER, Leon R.                                              Weedsport, N.. Y.

BARNETT, Dewayne C.                                 Caney , Kansas

BARRETT, Wayne L.                                      Philadelphia, Pa.

BASS, Cleveland M.                                      Greensboro, N. C.

BASS, James V.                                               Spring Hope, N. C.

BASS, James W.                                              Rocky Mount, N. C.

BECK, Eldred                                                    Ft. Branch, Ind.

BERNICE, Jack J.                                              Lodi, N.J.

BOLEN, William T. Jr.                                     Tupelo, Miss.

BUNDY, Howard R.                                        Homer, N. Y.

BUSTAMANTE, Jose                                      San. Diego, Texas  

CANNON, Earl S.                                            Fair Bluff, N. C.

CARLIER, William T.                                      Fayetteville, Ohio

COLBORN, Lindell E.                                      Hartford, Ill.

COOPER, David C.                                          Montgomery, Ala.

COOPER, Sam M. Jr.                                      Metter, Ga.

CORNE, Virgil L.                                              Monroe, Mich.

COSGROVE, George P.                                  Pittsburgh, Pa.

DANIEL, James E.                                           Fanna, Okla.

DEEMS, Noble P.                                            Aragon, Ga.

DISBROW, Harold                                         Jersey City, N. J.

DITTO, Leonard W.                                       Union Grove, Ala.

DOBSON, Clarence W.                                  Aitkin, Minn.

DOKA, John A.                                                Mckeesport, Pa.

DOUGLAS, Quinton R.                                  Blackshear, Ga.

DOZARD, William H.                                     East Peoria, Ill.

DURHAM, Roscoe B.                                    Stewart, Miss.

EWTON, Harman H.                                      Dunlap, Tenn.

FANNON, Bruce L.                                         Jonesville, Va.

FARRELL, Jimmie D.                                       Millen, Ga.

FITZPATRICK, Robert D.                                Muskegon Hts., Mich.

GARCIA, Daniel V.                                          Oilton, Texas

GARDNER, David W.                                     Studio City, Los Angeles, Calif.

GARRETT, Adrian A.                                       Cogar, Okla.

GARRETT, Elson S.                                          East Highlands, Calif.

GEORGE, John S. Jr.                                       Gaffney, S. C.

GILBERT, Robert E.                                        Santa Monica, Calif.

GREGORY`, Howard                                      Charlotte, N. C.

GROSS, Elmer                                                Quick Sand, Ky.

HALL, Edward M.                                          Piermont, S. C.   

HAMMONTREE, Charles I.                          McLeansboro, Ill.

HARDESTY, James D.                                    Omaha, Neb.

HATCHER, Earnest M.                                  Horse Cave, Ky. 

HEFFNER, Allen G.                                        Newton, N. C.

HENDRICKSON, Ralph G.                             Birmingham, N. Y.

HIRNSCHALL, John                                        Los Angeles, Calif.

 HOAK, Edward L.                                          Buffalo, N. Y.

HOKE, Lyle A.                                                 Greenwood, S. C.

JARRELL, Ofield                                              Gulfport, Miss.

JAVERSAK, John A.                                        Mechanicstown, Ohio

JOHNSON, Lawrence B.                                Murrieta, Calif.  

 KINNEY, Adin W.                                          Buffalo, N. Y.

LAMBERT, Chester O.                                   Sebastopol, Calif.

LAMBERTON, J. L.                                          Orlando, Fla.

LARCH, Rudolph J.                                          Milwaukee, Wis.

LEWMAN, Fred S.                                         Newkirk, Okla.

LIGHTSEY, James M. G.                                 Alexander City, Ala.

LIMON, Philomeno G.                                   San Bernardino, Calif.

LOWERY, Richard W.                                     Kankakee, Ill.

MAGDALENO, Leonard Y.                             San Bernardino, Calif.

MAKSIM, George Jr.                                       Johnstown, Pa.

MAROHN, Walter J.                                      Minneapolis, Minn.  

McCOY, Ralph F.                                            Gaston, Indiana 

MERRELL, William K.                                     Powelton, Pa.

MILES, Deleon                                                Effingham, S. C.

MILLER, James W.                                         Sand Springs, Okla.

MOSCHELLA, Joseph F.                                 Morristown, N. J.

NAIL, Thurman H.                                           McDonough, Ga.

PALMER, William A.                                       Ponca City, Okla.

PARANA, John P.                                           Clymer, Pa.

PATE, Arthur                                                  Orlando, Fla.

POSTHUMUS, Douglas A.                             Buffalo, Minn.

PRATT, Earl                                                     Mulberry, Kansas

RAMIREZ, Ernesto                                         Seguim, Texas

RIGBY, Samuel T. J                                        Follansbee, W. Va.

ROGERS, Charlie H.                                       Franklin, Ga.

 ROHLAND, Billie                                            Brownsville, Pa.

RUNYAN, Kenneth R.                                    Ames, Iowa

RUSH, Arthur H.                                             Charlotte, N. C.

SELLENRIEK, Carl A.                                       Chesterfield, Mo.

SMITH, Buford L.                                           West Bend, Wis.

SMITH, Jimmie L.                                           St. Louis, Mo.

STANFORD, Jesse E.                                      Kaw City, Okla.

STROUD, Willis A.                                          Lancaster, S. C.

SUDBERRY, James G.                                    Fosterville, Tenn.

SUDBERRY, Lum H.                                        Fosterville, Tenn.

TERRY, William K.                                          Vernon, Texas

THOMAS, Thomas J.                                      Nashville, Tenn.

VAN VOOREN, Raymond T.                          St. Louis, Ill.

WALDEN, William H.                                     McAlester, Okla.

WALKER, Kenneth                                          Orviston, Pa.

WALL, Wilburn E.                                           Randolph, Miss.

WVALRAVEN, James V.                                 Hamlin, Texas

WARREN, Earl H.                                            Los Angeles, Calif.

WEAVER, Francis E.                                        Jamestown, Ind.

WIELGOSZ, Joseph M.                                   North Tonawanda, N. Y.

WILKENS, Edward G.                                      Sioux City, Iowa

WILLIAMSON, Harold E.                                Ruston, La.

WOLF, Joseph C.                                            Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

WOLKOFSKY, Abraham                                 New York, N. Y.

WOOLSEY, Loren E.                                       St. Paul, Minn.

WRIGHT, Lloyd T.                                           Sheridan, Ind.


Service Battery

ALLEN, Clifton G. V                                        Eufaula, Okla.

ARELLANO, Ismael                                        Smeltertown, Texas

BACA, Jose T.                                                 Hatch, New Mexico

BAGINSKIS, Alex J.                                        Chicago, Ill.

BALL, Stuart C.                                               Alexandria, Va.

BALLARD, James W.                                      Rockmart, Ga.

BARR, Lawrence H.                                        Mountainview, Okla.

BEACHLER, Albert  N.                                    South Whitley: Ind.

BEHRENS, Gratton O.                                    Mason, Taxes

BLUNDELL, Floyd H.                                      Chetopa, Kansas

BOWEN, Kenneth R.                                     Baltimore, Md.

BOWER, Donald E.                                        Arlington, Mass.

BRANDI, Anthony T.                                     San Francisco, Calif.

CAMP, Howard E. Jr.                                    Baton Rouge, La.

CAPUTO, Frank A.                                        Pittsburgh, Pa.

CARDENAS, Alex G.                                      Edinburg, Texas .

CHOMOS, John S.                                         Toledo, Ohio

CLARKE, Sherry A.                                        Camullus, N. Y.

COKER, Carl R.                                              New Albany, Miss.

CONRAD, Richard A.                                    Homewood, Pa.

CONWAY, Frank J.                                        Jersey City, N. J.

CONYERS, Newman C.                                 Paragould, Ark.

COOK, Clyde W.                                             Beaver, W. Va.

COOK, Robert L.                                             Carterville,Mo.

CZUCHRA, Frank B.                                        New Haven, Conn.

DAVENPORT, Robert A.                                Eldon, Mo.

DAVIS, John L.                                                Amarillo, Texas

DODGE, Ralph R.                                           Hardin, Mont.

EASTERLING, Otha, G.                                  Hattiesburg, Miss.

EASTERWOOD, Barnie W.                           Cullman, Ala.

FARMER, Charles H.                                     Oklahoma City, Okla.

FLORIO, Fredrick                                          Joppa, Md.

FOLK, Joseph C.                                            Coffeyville, Okla.

GALLOWAY, Malcom                                   Supply, N. C.

GRIMM, Fred E.                                            Highwood, Ill.

GRUBBS, George E.                                      Jamesville, Md.

HARDIMAN, John P.                                     Providence, R.I.

HEFNER, Lawrence H.                                   Phoenix, Ariz.

HELPINGSTINE, Max M.                               Sabeth, Kansas

HENDERSON, William L.                              Dunwoody, Ga.

HERRERA, Onofre  Jr.                                   Potept, Texas

HOGAN, Clarence E.                                    Ottumway, Iowa

HOWLAND, Lawrence G.                            Pawnee, Okla.

JACK, Jay                                                        Columbus, Ohio

HUDSON, Billie L.                                          Flint, Mich.

JOHNSON, Ernest L.                                     Wildisboro, N. C.

KAUFMAN, Abe                                            Los Angeles, Calif.

KENT, William R.                                          Ottumway, Iowa

KOSSAR, Pete                                                Monangahela, Pa.

KINGSLEY, Francis H.                                    Peekskill, N. Y.

MAHOUSKI, John .                                        Pittsburgh, Pa.

MAZUREK, Joseph W.                                   Chicago, Ill.

MILLER, Howard T.                                       Thomasville, N. C.

MILLIGAN, David E.                                       Philadelphia, Pa.

NICHOLSON, Harry E.                                   Mt. Rest, S. C.

ORLANDO, Richard N.                                   Syracuse, N. Y.

OXENDINE, Milford                                       Pemborke, N.C.

PETRARCA, Albert                                         Chicago Heights, Ill.

PFEUFFER, Raymond L.                                Kerville, Texas .

PHIPPS, Paul  I.                                              Balsam Lake, Wis.

PORTER, James G.                                         New York, N. Y.

REICHENAU, Victor                                       Mason, Texas

RELFORD, James W.                                     Chattanooga, Tenn.

RODRIGUEZ, Juan                                         Beeville, Texas

SALINAS, Humberto                                     Benavides, Texas

SAUNDERS, Frank L.                                    Lively, Virginia

SEAGRAVES, Ollon P.                                    Atlanta, Ga. V .

SHOW, Hiram E.                                            Uniontown, Pa.

SMITH,  Arvel  I.                                            Houston, Texas

SMITH, Burton. B.                                        Youngstown, Ohio

SOLIZ, Rosario A.                                          Yuma, Arizona

SMITH, Walter T.                                          Pittsburgh, Pa.

SOMERS, Bronis A.                                       Stevens  Point, Wis.

STARJAK, Joseph                                           Garfield, N. J.

STOLP, Raymond W.                                    St. Paul, Minn.

SZWACZKOWSKI, Walter J.                         Pittsburgh, Pa.

THOMAS, Larry J.                                          Holly Springs, Miss.

THOMPSON, Gordon C.                               Baltimore, Md.

THOMPSON, Joseph D.                                Durham, N. C.

TIPTON, William W,                                     Plainview, Texas

TOMASELLI, Peter S.                                    Buffalo, N. Y.

TRIFIRO, Nudy F.                                           Masontown, Pa.

WALKER, Fred                                                Bixby, Okla.

WATROUS, Roy S.                                          St. Louis, Missouri

WELCH, Milton R. A                                       Phoenix, Ariz. `

WHIPPLE, James                                             Spartanburg, S.C.

WILLIAMS, Kenneth E.                                  Los Angeles, Calif.

WILLARD, William C.                                     Christiana, Pa.

WISE, George W.                                            Valparaiso, Ind.



Medical Detachment

CAPPS, James H.                                               Selma, N. C.

ENTZ, Noel W.                                                   Lutz, Fla.

JOHNSON, William F.                                        Stubenville, Ohio

KINSAUL, Sam J.                                                 Newton, Ala. , .

NAJEWSKI, Edward J.                                         Random, Ill.

NICHOLAS, Arthur                                              Edgarton, W. Va.

ROBINSON, Wylie W.                                        Oswego, Ill.

SHAW, Lester W.                                               Jumbo, Okla.

SOLOMAN, Daniel                                             East, Pittsburgh, Pa.

STUMP, James C.                                               Colman, Ky.

WARD, Howard V.                                             Pittsburgh, Pa.




Sgt.Wallace Weeks
Photo Collection & Story
In Memory Of ..
James N. Sorensen 70
McKinleyville, CA.
(Son of Lt. Neil Sorensen)
8/07/44  -  7/29/15
In Memory Of ..
Paul H. McWain 95
Huntington Woods, Michigan
(Former Lt. in the 71st)
1919  - 12/21/14
In Memory Of ..
Everett Hammock Wilcox  95
Crystal River, Florida
(Former Capt. in the 71st)
6/27/1918 - 4/14/2014