71st Armored Field Artillery Battalion WWII

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Stories, Interviews and Journals

*Note: All the following stories, interviews or journals about the 71st have been generously contributed by individuals who experienced the events or their family members, except "The Amazing Story of Duane Francies" which comes from the website      5AD.org

*Click on the story title to proceed to each.

1.The Amazing Story Of Duane Francies A dogfight between two observation planes with .45 cal pistols.

1a. More interesting comments on Lt. Francies By former fellow officers, Captain Everett Wilcox and Lt. Paul McWain.

2. Maj. Herman Smith's Journal Documention of  the 71st, from just before leaving the States till one week after V-E Day.

3. Capt. Everett H. Wilcox's WWII Recollections A narrative based on interviews and stories of Mr. Wilcox's wartime experiences with the 71st..

4. Lt. McWain's souvenir pistols story. During an aerial patrol, Lt.'s McWain and Nicol meet a column of surrendering German soldiers.

5. Howard E. Camp Jr.'s War Years An excerpt from a letter detailing Mr. Camp's WWII experiences with the 71st.

6. Wallace Weeks WWII Story A Narrative written by his daughter



Sgt.Wallace Weeks
Photo Collection & Story
In Memory Of ..
James N. Sorensen 70
McKinleyville, CA.
(Son of Lt. Neil Sorensen)
8/07/44  -  7/29/15
In Memory Of ..
Paul H. McWain 95
Huntington Woods, Michigan
(Former Lt. in the 71st)
1919  - 12/21/14
In Memory Of ..
Everett Hammock Wilcox  95
Crystal River, Florida
(Former Capt. in the 71st)
6/27/1918 - 4/14/2014